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The Painful Truth About Hashimotos and GMO's

Posted on the 20 June 2013 by Latinaprpro @latinaprpro
Thank you Bookieboo, LLC. for my Genetic Roulette Movie complimentary preview.

The Painful Truth about Hashimotos and GMO's

That bumpy neck is where my under-active thyroid resides.
My dry hair and bald patches are only a couple of the
many physical symptoms of Hashimoto's Disease.

I am one of the 7-8% of the US population that lives with Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disease in which my white blood cells attack my thyroid.
In a nut shell (no pun intended), the nut-sized thyroid gland makes T3 and T4 hormones that regulate how our body uses energy.  With Hashimoto's disease, the immune system makes antibodies that damage thyroid cells and interfere with their ability to make thyroid hormones.  
Over time, my thyroid damage has caused my thyroid hormone levels to be too low.  Even with daily medication, this has caused that every function of my body slow down.  From my heart rate, to my brain function, and the most physically obvious, how my body turns food into energy.
Although it's highly likely that my Hashimoto's was caused by my gene's (my mother also suffers from a milder case of Hashimoto's), there's a strong possibility that the reason I have such a low functioning thyroid is the food that I'm consuming.
At first glance it may seem easy: Get on a diet or avoid foods that may affect the function of my thyroid. But the unfortunate truth is that healthy food, including the fruits, vegetables and lean meats that I consume, could have GMO's (genetically modified organisms).
A GMO food has had it's DNA altered through the insertion of genes from another species of plant, animal, bacteria or virus.  Although legal in the United States, GMO's are not just bad for someone like myself.
With so many GMO foods out there, you would think that we have nothing to worry about - why else would they be on the store shelf?
Wrong - Think again!
GMO foods creates new proteins that our body has never before encountered.  Since our body doesn't know what to do with these foreign objects, it attacks GMO foods that we consume.  This creates inflammation  which if chronic, can lead to a long list of health conditions.

The threats of GMO's in our food hasn't gone unnoticed by people such as Leah Segedie, who has become a strong advocate for the Anti GMO/#LabelGMOs health movement.
Because of Leah's tireless and passionate advocacy efforts, I have learned about the work that the Institute for Responsible Technology is doing to educate the public about cross-pollination and the proven health effects of GMOs in our food.
Whether you live with an autoimmune disease like I do, or want to know what goes into your body, I assure you that caring about the Anti GMO/#LabelGMOs health movement is something that you will want to follow closely.
I invite you to view Genetic Roulette Movie to learn more about the Anti GMO/#LabelGMOs health movement. This documentary will open up your eyes to the adverse health effects that GMOs has on our health.
To our health, The Painful Truth about Hashimotos and GMO's

I was invited by BookieBoo, LLC to view a complimentary preview of the Genetic Roulette Movie as an advocate of the Anti GMO / #LabelGMOs Health Movement. No financial compensation was provided. All opinions my own.

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