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Touring Titanic...The Artifact Exhibit in Las Vegas

Posted on the 19 September 2013 by Latinaprpro @latinaprpro
This blog post is sponsored by the wonderful folks at the Titanic...The Artifact Exhibition.

Touring Titanic...The Artifact Exhibit in Las Vegas

The Titanic Grand Staircase recreation
Photo Courtesy of Titanic...The Artifact Exhibit in Las Vegas

In a recent blog post, I mentioned that my hubby and I traveled to Las Vegas on a long overdue break. During our visit, we had the wonderful opportunity to tour various exhibits, taste great restaurants, and enjoy several shows.  
One of these exhibits was the Titanic...The Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.  This is our second time touring this exhibit, and just like the first, it left an undeniable mark in our hearts.
Both my hubby and I are fans of the old, history, and Europe. (Birds of a feather, right?!).We are especially fascinated with the Titanic and the story behind the sinking of the ship.
The exhibit is set-up in such a way that you feel as you are going back in time and through the various ship levels (first class, second class, third class).One thing that I loved was receiving a “boarding pass” when we entered the exhibit.
The boarding pass gives you the name of a passenger, their age, where they were traveling from, and a few other factoids about their life.It makes it fun to walk through the exhibit with this “boarding pass” wondering in what class your passenger was sailing in and whether they made it to America, or if they were one of the unfortunate souls that didn’t.
At the end of the exhibit, every passenger is listed on wall mural that's divided by “travel class,” and whether or not the passenger survived.My passenger, Miss Edwina Celia Trout, traveled in Second Class and survived.My hubby’s passenger, Mr. Paul Edvin Andreasson, traveled in Third Class and didn’t make it to America.
I also loved that the exhibit made it a point to build a replica of the Grand Staircase, where, for fans of the Titanic (the movie), you wont be able to resist posing and take a picture as a souvenir (for a fee).  

Touring Titanic...The Artifact Exhibit in Las Vegas

My hubby and me posting at Titanics Grand Staircase replica
with a VERY cheesy grin!

Throughout the exhibit, you view more than 300 artifacts recovered from the shipwreck site, including bottles of champagne that were found at the bottom of the ocean, clothing, and a very peculiar bag of fragrance vials that an ill-fated passenger traveled with…to create fragrances in the new country.He never made it.
I loved seeing vintage tubes, delicate porcelain plates, and just the entire travel through time experience was almost magical.
La pièce de résistance” was seeing on display the largest piece of the Titanic ever recovered, a 15-ton section of the ship’s starboard hull, appropriately called the “Big Piece!”

Touring Titanic...The Artifact Exhibit in Las Vegas

The "Big" Piece from the Titanic, the largest piece of the ship ever recovered,
is a 15-ton section of the Titanic starboard hull.  Photo courtesy of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Together with more than 15 folks that were in the room at the same time, you could hear our collective sighs.It literally took our breath away and made our heart stop for a second.It was that impressive.
We ended the tour with a quick stop at the gift shop, which had your usual branded merchandise and a few gems.  My favorites included Legacy 1912 Titanic perfume, which was inspired by the perfume-maker that was traveling the Titanic.  
The shop also had a couple of products that are still made today and the Titanic passengers used during that fateful trip, including Truefitt & Hill toiletries and the Cherry Toothpaste Jar!
As I shared before, this is not the first time seeing the exhibit, and it certainly wont be the last.  It's just a must do when in Vegas for those of us that enjoy a bit of history.
Do let me know if you travel to Las Vegas and stop by this exhibit - I would love to read your thoughts!
Touring Titanic...The Artifact Exhibit in Las Vegas
We received tickets to tour this exhibit.  No other compensation was provided.  Unless credited, photos and opinion my own.

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